Thank You For Visiting – This Site Is Set Up To Commend The Companies That Have Generously Donated To Help Needy Families In The War Torn Areas Of Iraq.

We are dedicated to helping the people of Iraq getting their lives back on track. For Each Donation Made We Have Contributed 100% matching donations.


As the old saying goes, “without money we would all be rich”. Unfortunately money does exist, so we are not. So few have it, and most need more of it. We believe in spreading the wealth and helping those in need. Especially those who have gone through so much headache and anguish through the horrors of war.

To that end we have set up a charity to help needy families of Iraq. We do not accept donations through this site. The purpose of this site is to serve as a thank you to the institutions who are making this all possible.

Below you can find a list of current contributing companies. We are very proud of the generosity from these organizations. As part of our thank you we will post a short article on each contributor to get them with exposure for their business or cause.

A Kind Heart For A Better Future, Thanks For Your Donation!

It melts my heart to see great people give to charity every day, but when we have to opportunity to meet the persons behind these charity events, it’s breathtaking.

Thanks to Top Gun Productions Chicago DJ company, hundreds of starving children will have a warm meal on their table.

This generous company helped a lot of Iraqi families get on their feet, following the excruciating war in Iraq, as children bellow the age of 5 had the misfortune situation of crawling on the streets of Baghdad for a slice of bread.

The country’s population suffered enormous rates of malnutrition, but it’s good to know there are still few, kind and incredible people out there, that can help end this suffering.

As a way to thank this company, we offer them a short presentation on our website, along with all our love and gratitude.

Top Gun Productions is a great place to turn to if you want to plan a perfect wedding, and if you are looking for the best sound systems and music to suit your needs.


The Windy City

We know the best DJ’s in the country are the Chicago Area DJ’s, and at Top Gun Productions you can find a variety of experienced sound Artists, that will soothe your thoughts or energize your limbs, when you want to throw the perfect party.

Since 1980 they served the Chicago area and worked in a lot of establishments across the state.

They use high standard equipment such as Peavey and Electrovoice, and they have the possibility to tune the sound accordingly, allowing both conversation and dancing.

Besides great music, they also offer a special lighting package that includes a room up lighting and a personalized monogram with your name lighting up on the floor, or wherever you want inside the building.

Think about their music like a choir of angels singing at the biggest moment of your life.

Because that’s what they are. Angels that came from the sky, and offered a small salvation to people in need.

With their help, a lot of kids will have the possibility to study, to eat, to drink, and to live their lives as normal children.

To prove their compassion, the company even puts out free wedding planning tips on their website, to help you plan your dream wedding.

So if you are looking for the best, make sure to give Top Gun Productions Company a call, to receive the most professional and greatest service you can find.


And thank you again Top Gun Productions for your generous donation.


Another Generous Contributor We Are Grateful To

We love telling you about all the great companies that are making a difference. This company is located all the way in South Africa. Not only are they working hard to protect their own community with the products they make, but are also showing love towards people of other nations. The donations they gave are going to feed hungry Iraqis, to cloth and shelter them, and to help with rehabilitation programs.

We would like the thank Malron Engineering for being so kind to the people they have never met before. As promised part of our thank you is to give this deserving company exposure for their business. We would like to tell you a little bit about them and hope this will get them rewarded for what they have done.

The company was established in 2011. They are a relatively new company but have built a solid reputation in that short period of time. This is because they manufacture superior products with the highest quality control standards.

They do steel fabrication of all kinds. Including burglar guards and all varieties of steel gates. They do all kinds of steel welding including arc welding, co2 welding and argon welding. They do fabrication and installation of steel fencing. And they maintain existing steel work. The work they do is truly exceptional.

If you find yourself in need of their services the company has the ability to ship whatever you need. We highly recommend using them if it is just for the fact they are such a big hearted company they deserve your business.

As an example where such a need for their services might arise any people feel secure because they have steel bars on windows. However some home owners in the South African area were surprised to find clever thin burglars were able to slip between the bars and enter the house. Malron Engineering can solve these kinds of problems by adding existing bars that will not be able to be penetrated. This is a situation in Africa where many thieves abound. Robbers that are hungry and thus often times skinny enough to slip through bars that did not take this into account.


Or better yet you might want to think about replacing the entire setup. Often steel bars, fences, and gates fall victim to the element of time. Good maintenance or replacement is necessary to keep things in good working condition and secure. Please consider using a highly respected and established company. You will not be disappointed.

Here is the link to the company page showing how they manufacture steel window frames in Johannesburg for security.

Reversing Diabetes Is Not Just A DREAM – Thank You To This Company

Here is one company that has already shown, just by the product they promote, how big of a heart they have for humanity.

The company is Reverse Your Diabetes Today. It is a company that helps thousands of people to get healthy again.

They have wrote a book that teaches individuals how to overcome diabetes.

How amazing is that? Helping people reverse a disease is one of the noblest things you can do.

Just think of the effect this can have on someone’s life.

Many sad things happen to people with this condition.

It constantly follows them around like a shadow.

An evil shadow that lurks. Diabetes is a life threatening progressive condition.

If it is not stopped disastrous consequences result. Weakness overtakes the body.

Eventually some people lose limbs like arms or legs.

The book written by Matt Traverso and sold by the company is an exquisite piece of work that details everything about diabetes.

So not only are they helping people with the mission from the company but they are also reaching out in helping people half way across the world, whom they have never met.

The donations they made are helping children to be fed. It is helping families to get back to together. It is helping people to rebuild their homes and lives.

If you want to find out about this book and the company produced it go here to see how people are naturally reversing diabetes.